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Final Land Use Plan Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions: February 2014

Draft Goals, Objectives and Policy Directions

  • How did you develop the goals, objectives, and policy directions?

  • How will you use these goals, objectives and policy directions?

  • What’s the difference between a goal, an objective, and a policy?

  • Why did you have five themes for the workshops, but only four goals?

  • Why is my comment not reflected in this draft?

  • What do you mean when you refer to a comment that’s “not in scope”?

  • Is this the final plan?

  • What will Phases 3 and 4 involve?

  • I won’t be able to attend your events. How do I provide input?

Land Use Plan Update - General Questions

  • Why are you updating the plan right now?

  • Is the Land Use Plan the same as a zoning bylaw? Is it a master plan?

  • Are you going to consider the future use of agricultural land owned by the Port as part of your land use plan?

  • What is the Port’s position on the region’s industrial land supply?

  • How does the Container Capacity Improvement Project (CCIP) fit with the Land Use Plan?

  • I want to share all of this information with other people. Do you have an information package?

  • How will my input affect the final outcome?

  • How long is the Land Use Plan intended to last?

  • How is the Plan related to Port growth?

  • Where can I get information on active Port development projects?

  • How did you develop the goals, objectives and policy directions?

  • Will the land use plan address operational issues like noise and traffic?

  • How does the land use plan affect me if I’m:

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