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Low Level Road

Project status

Construction of the Spirit Trail overpass on East 3rd Street is coming along well and includes the installation of public artwork in the wall panels - occurring over the coming weeks.  To facilitate this work, nighttime construction activities will take place along Low Level Road from June 16 to July 31 from St. David’s to Moodyville Park. Construction will take place during off-peak traffic hours to minimize traffic impacts on local streets, for safety of the travelling public and to facilitate on time arrival of concrete for the art walls. These lengthy concrete pours are scheduled during cooler nighttime temperatures to ensure best results. Every effort will be made to minimize potential construction noise with noisier operations completed as early in the shift as possible.

Road reconstruction on 200 East Esplanade will also be taking place from July 4-7.  The existing pavement on the north side of Esplanade will be removed and replaced.  This work is being scheduled over the weekend to minimize weekday disruption to businesses along East Esplanade.  Please note this work is weather dependent so if rain is forecast, the work may be postponed until the following weekend.

Once work begins, there will be no parking or vehicle access to driveways along the north side of 200 East Esplanade for the duration of the work from 6pm Friday July 4th through to 5am Monday July 7th.  This work is planned to be complete with parking and vehicle access restored before the start of business on Monday July 7th.  Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the work. Following this weekend work, the asphalt surface will be left approximately 40mm low to allow for a final layer of asphalt to be installed later this summer.

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Esplanade Road Work – July 4, 2014

About the project

The Low Level Road Project is designed to enhance rail and port operations as international trade continues to grow and to address long-standing community safety and traffic congestion challenges in the area.

These improvements are identified as part of a broader investment in the North Shore Trade Area on behalf of the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, Port Metro Vancouver, TransLink, the City and District of North Vancouver and the private sector.

Development of the project involved extensive community consultation and information sharing.

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What could the proposed Low Level Road look like?


This computer-generated animation provides a view of what the Low Level Road could look like.

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