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Low Level Road

Project Status

We are in the final stages of this project and since our last update, many items have been completed.  A significant milestone was the October opening of both lanes to vehicular traffic.  Another major accomplishment is the opening of commuter bike lanes on Low Level Road.

A key objective of this project was to address existing safety and capacity challenges for all modes of transportation, including cycling, along Low Level Road. The needs of all road users, as well as those of nearby residents, had to be considered in the design. Important improvements that have been incorporated related to cycling include:

  • Upgraded bike lanes along the north and south side of the road from existing 1.2 metre bike lanes to 2.0 metre bike lanes with no physical obstruction;
  • Improved lane markings and safe refuges to improve cyclist awareness to motorists and improve cyclist safety;
  • Safety and traffic calming measures, such as signalized crossings, adequate pavement markings and signage;
  • Improved lighting along the Low Level Road; and
  • Proper drainage, which is a substantial improvement to the previous condition on the Low Level Road, which was subject to flooding during heavy seasonal rains.

Remaining Works

Timelines for some items have shifted, due to either technical issues with specialist suppliers or the turn in the weather.  However, the tentative schedule for remaining works is as follows:

Completion of the Spirit Trail.  Delayed in part by our decision this summer to stop works to allow the fledging of baby eagles, and some technical issues, work continues on the Spirit Trail.  Pending resolution of these issues, the opening of the Trail could be as early as mid-December.  Work remaining includes the installation of hand rails and wire parapets on the suspension bridge, works on the bridge deck of the Spirit Trail Overpass, and the installation of handrails in the vicinity of the east abutment of the Overpass.

Installation of noise walls.Technical issues have prevented the installation of the remaining noise walls, however, we remain optimistic that these issues will be resolved before the end of the year and work can once again start on installation. We will provide an update on revised schedule as additional information comes available.

Completion of landscaping work.Much of this work is dependent on the completion of the noise wall and decent weather conditions.Given the temperatures this time of year, we anticipate that the planting of smaller shrubs and additional infilling will occur in the Spring.

We again thank you for your patience and support during this project. We will continue to keep you updated as the project nears completion. 

About the project

The Low Level Road Project is designed to enhance rail and port operations as international trade continues to grow and to address long-standing community safety and traffic congestion challenges in the area.

These improvements are identified as part of a broader investment in the North Shore Trade Area on behalf of the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, Port Metro Vancouver, TransLink, the City and District of North Vancouver and the private sector.

Development of the project involved extensive community consultation and information sharing.

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What could the proposed Low Level Road look like?


This computer-generated animation provides a view of what the Low Level Road could look like.

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