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Neptune Terminals Upgrades Project

Coal handling expansion

On June 1, 2012, Neptune Terminals submitted a project permit application to Port Metro Vancouver to expand the terminal’s coal handling capacity.

The proposed project includes an additional railcar dumper, new conveyors to unload steelmaking coal from trains, replacement of a mobile shiploader boom and foundation reinforcement at Berth One, and, an additional rail track. These changes will occur within Neptune’s existing footprint. The application can be accessed via the link below. 

Specific infrastructure proposed: 

  • A new railcar dumper, similar to the existing one for unloading coal from trains, will be installed. The dumper will be enclosed in a shed and will use automated electric railcar positioning equipment. It will be approximately 12 metres high and will be located on the inbound rail track at the northeast corner of the terminal. 
  • Conveyors will be installed to transport the product from the second railcar dumper to the storage area. 
  • A new section of rail track will be added inside of the existing rail loop, on the west side of the terminal. 
  • A shiploader boom will be replaced, and foundation reinforced at Berth One. The new, longer boom will allow ships to be loaded without movement during loading.

Combined, the project proposal will increase the terminal’s coal handling capacity to 18 million metric tonnes per year – an increase of six million metric tonnes. Approximately one additional train per day and one additional ship per week are expected to call on the terminal following the project’s completion.

Contact information:

  • For questions regarding the Port’s Project Permit process, or to make a comment about the proposal, please contact: Tim Blair, Planner, Port Metro Vancouver by email or phone at 604.665.9378.
  • To learn more about Neptune Terminals upgrade, please contact: Tony Nardi, Neptune Terminals by email or phone at 604.983.4407.

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New phosphate rock storage and handling

On August 24 2012, Port Metro Vancouver approved a Project Permit application (2012-041) submitted by Neptune Terminals to build new phosphate rock storage and handling facilities.

The project will create phosphate rock handling capacity of 1 million metric tones per year. Under the permit, construction must begin by August 31, 2013 and be completed by August 31, 2014. Additional stipulations to the permit can be viewed in the document, linked below.

About the project

The project consists of the replacement and upgrade of terminal infrastructure enabling the storage of imported phosphate rock (used to produce fertilizer). The product was handled by the terminal for approximately 40 years, as recently as 2003.

Construction works include a new storage facility for phosphate rock to replace the original silos that were built when Neptune Terminals opened. The phosphate rock storage facility is designed with a similar A-frame shape and height as Neptune Terminals’ adjacent potash storage building. The storage building will extend north toward Low Level Road and will measure approximately 33 metres in height.

Project plans also include the installation and use of new equipment to transfer phosphate rock from ships to the storage facility and then onto trains, including conveyors and a railcar loading station. Neptune Terminals will also undertaken a redesign of rail works (within the terminal footprint) to accommodate trains transporting the phosphate rock.

For more information, contact:

Tony Nardi
Neptune Terminals
Telephone: 604.983.4407 

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Stacker Reclaimer

On August 9, 2012 Port Metro Vancouver received a project permit application (2012-097) submitted by Neptune Terminals to install a new stacker reclaimer on its site. The application is currently under review.

About the project

The proposed project would replace older, smaller equipment formerly used on the site (a smaller stacker reclaimer) and would operate on the existing rails.

The project also involves a new yard conveyor and associated transfer tower as well as the refurbishment of the existing coal berm. The total height of the proposed equipment would be approximately 33 metres.

Neptune Terminals indicates this new equipment will enable the simultaneous movement of steel-making coal from trains to the stockpiles and directly from stockpiles onto vessels, increasing efficiency and operating flexibility. The proposed project also includes a best-in-class dust suppression system.

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Contact information:

  • For questions regarding the Port’s Project Permit proces, or to make a comment about the proposal, please contact: Tim Blair, Planner, Port Metro Vancouver by email or phone at 604.665.9378.
  • To learn more about Neptune Terminals upgrade, please contact: Tony Nardi, Neptune Terminals by email or phone at 604.983.4407.

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