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Seaspan | Load-Out Pier Project

Project status

Permit issued

On July 4, 2013, Seaspan submitted an application to amend approved project permit PP2012-088 due to changes in construction methods and footprint of the project. The proposed project permit amendment is currently under review.

On July 18, 2012, Seaspan submitted an application (PP 2012-088) to Port Metro Vancouver for a project permit as part of its Shipyard Modernization Program. On April 11, 2013 PP2012-088 was issued to Seaspan.

About the project

As part of the Seaspan Shipyard Modernization Program, Seaspan is conducting works within Port Metro Vancouver and within the municipalities of the District of North Vancouver and City of North Vancouver. The construction of the load-out pier is within the jurisdiction of Port Metro Vancouver and is subject to the Port’s project permit and environmental review process.

PP2012-088 was approved on April 11, 2013 for the construction a 53.56 m long x 31.8 m wide concrete load-out pier covering 1,643 m2 (17,685 sq. ft. ) through the infilling of a caisson and sheet pile wall structure. Due to proposed changes to the construction and footprint of the load-out pier, Seaspan submitted an application on July 4, 2013 to amend approved project permit PP2012-088.

The amended proposed works under the Port’s permit review process include:

  • Construction of an approximately 32 m wide x 50 m long concrete load-out pier with a proposed footprint of approximately 1,720 m² (18,514 sq. ft.).
  • Installation of a temporary four-sided sheetpile wall that extends approximately 3 m (10 ft.) beyond the perimeter of the final pier caisson footprint. The sheetpile wall enclosure will contain water and sediment during dredging activities.
  • Timber piles will be installed within the sheetpile wall enclosure to densify the seabed directly beneath the caisson placement area, as well as extending 3 m (10 ft.) beyond the berth face to densify the temporary sheetpile enclosure.
  • Once the timber piles have been driven to the desired depth, the piles will be cut at the seabed elevation using divers as required.
  • A 1 m (3 ft.) thick mattress rock layer will be placed over the timber densification piles inside the sheetpile enclosure, with pre-cast concrete caissons sunk over the rock mattress followed by fill material.
  • Upon completion of the fill material placement and removal of the temporary sheet pile walls, rip-rap material will be placed along the side-slope area to retain the inner fill material and protect against wave-action.

As part of Port’s project permit review process, Seaspan is required to undertake a community engagement program and First Nations consultation program regarding local impacts associated with the proposed load-out pier.

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Contact information

  • For questions regarding the Port’s Project Permit process, please contact:  Planning and Development, Port Metro Vancouver by email or phone at 604.665.9047.
  • To learn more about Seaspan’s Modernization Project, please contact Tom Tasaka, Project Director, Seaspan by email or at 604.990.8478.

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