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South Shore Corridor Project

Project Status

Construction is nearing completion!

Port Metro Vancouver is committed to maximizing predictability during the construction period and minimizing disruption for Port tenants, Port users, nearby residents and the community. This site will be updated regularly. If you require further information, please contact us. You can also sign-up for traffic updates and view more information about the project in the Information Centre.

Construction Overview

Spanning 10 at-grade rail crossings, the elevated roadway over Stewart Street has reduced congestion and improved travel time reliability With the completion of this roadway, the majority of works impacting road traffic are complete.  Also completed are the:
•Road works package for Commissioner St, Stewart St and Centennial Rd, which included realigning and widening, improving signage, adding street lighting and upgrading of underground services;

•Realignment of the roadway and upgrading of the Vehicle Access Control System (VACS) Gates at the East end of Commissioner St, Heatley Ave and Clark Dr to better manage access and egress.
Construction of the Victoria Drive Pedestrian Overpass, some intersection work, rail crossing and other infrastructure upgrades will continue. Below is a tentative schedule of remaining works.

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Project Overview

The South Shore Corridor Project is designed to enhance port operations and provide for future rail capacity improvements as international trade continues to grow.

The project is bounded by Heatley Avenue and McGill Street along Vancouver’s south shore, and is one of two high priority trade area projects identified by Port Metro Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, and Transport Canada.



Project Scope

While most of the South Shore Corridor Project will involve improvements on port lands, one of the project objectives is to reduce the effects of port operations on local streets as trade continues to grow.

Key elements of the project include:

  1. A new Stewart Street Elevated Road between Clark Drive and Victoria Drive. This new road provides an alternate route for through-traffic, significantly reducing congestion along Stewart Street and improving travel time reliability.
  2. A new Pedestrian Overpass at Victoria Drive, providing safe access for port workers over the rail tracks at Victoria Drive. The overpass will reduce train switching noise in this location.
  3. Realigned Commissioner Street to facilitate long term improvements to rail capacity and reduce train-related noise.
  4. Intersection and roadway improvements on Stewart Street, Centennial Road and Commissioner Street to better manage truck access and egress at: 4A - Heatley Avenue, 4B - Clark Drive, 4C - McGill Street.
  5. Reconfigured New Brighton Road to provide access to port land for potential truck staging to manage traffic flow and reduce corridor-wide congestion. Access to New Brighton Park remains unchanged.
  6. Corridor-wide improvements including upgraded signage, installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and fibre optic cable upgrades.


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